Math Monday: Exploring Montessori Math with the Hundred Board

Wanting to learn more about the Montessori Math subject area!? Well, perfect! 💁‍♀️

Welcome to Math Monday, Montessori style! Each Monday we will highlight one math activity from our Montessori classroom and let you in on the philosophy behind Montessori mathematics 🤯…. It’ll blow your mind.


This is our Hundred Board. Our Little Moderns begin working with the Hundred Board once they have gained a clear understanding of first, numbers 1-10, and then numbers 11-20 (learned through MORE super cool activities we’ll show off in the coming weeks). The Hundred Board helps children make the leap from symbol recognition, to understanding how they belong in a sequence. Through their work, our Little Moderns are able to self-correct any mistakes, further building confidence and fostering their love of learning. 👊📚🔢

“Children of three years already know how to count as far as two or three when they enter our schools. They therefore easily learn numeration, which consists in counting objects. A dozen different ways may serve toward this end, and daily life presents many opportunities; when the mother says, for instance, “There are two buttons missing from your apron,’ or ‘ We need three more plates at the table.’” – Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method.